St Pat's BIG WHEELMajor Prize                       1 x $4600 +     6 x $1000 Symbols


Major Prize $2,200   Minor Prize $350

$1,600 in 51 Calls




JOKERS  $1000

Pick a Box   (Friday & Sunday Interval Game)

$2 per Sheet (6 Tickets)


Part A - 50 Call Bonus

  • At the main Interval Break, 50 numbers will be displayed on the board.
  • Players are to mark each number on their Pick a Box sheet (6 tickets).
  • Get a Full House in 50 calls and WIN the bonus.


Part B - Pick a Box

  • Starting with 20 boxes, the Full House winner (whether in the 50 calls or extra numbers are called) will play Pick a Box.
  • If the selected box has the gold tinsel, WIN $1000 - The boxes will reset to 20 boxes for next week.
  • If the selected box has no gold tinsel, WIN $200 - The chosen box will be removed for next weeks game.


  • If 2 or more winners for the Full House, the players will cut a deck of cards.
  • The Highest card will play Pick a Box with all prize money being shared.